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Catherine Wilson is the owner and managing Director of On Purpose. She has retired as a competitive athlete and has over 12 years of racing experience. She has been a Personal Trainer and group instructor for 25+ years.  She accepts and meets you just where you are.  Your sessions will begin whereever you fall into the spectrum of balance, mobility, and flexibility. We will move into strength, endurance, and cardio as your body performs better!  

'Everyone has carried something different in their bodies throughout their lifespan. I need to and will work with everyone differently - we need to be body, mind, and spirit specific!  I tailor each program based on the needs of different journeys to a healthier lifestyle to help you reach their own unique goals."

Catherine uses specific scientific findings, knowledge and intuitive expertise Catherine will help your journey to your optimal goal.  Healing is an important aspect of personal training and reaching your goals. You will be creating new neurological pathways, making new ones, and breaking old ones that don't serve you will.  You will strengthen those new paths to make a stronger body and soul!


I have limited spots available for one-on-one or 2:1 personal training at Elite Allstars facility in Westbrook, Maine

If you are interested in training with me please download the app below or give me a call.  I'd love to hear from you! 


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Call 207-899-9384

What our customers are saying

I'm so grateful I found Catherine Wilson! I had been suffering with a hip and back problem for over 5 years and tried every modality possible to heal and get some relief. Nothing helped.

Cate immediately knew how to address the imbalances in my body to get the right muscles firing and alleviate the pain in those that have been overcompensating. After just 8 sessions I am stronger and 80% better! Thank you, Cate!

S.D., Gorham, ME

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