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Our App

Take a look below to see all of the things are app can do!

Free Healthy Habit building

You can be reminded throughout the month about healthy habits for your:

Healthy eating

Healthy sleeping 

Healthy workouts

$25 a month daily app workouts

If you need accountability, encouragement, and love being part of a community of like minded fitness people, this is for you!  Every Sunday you will have a new weekly workout to help you reach your goals.  No matter your level of fitness, we have a workout plan for you! You can find other exercises too.  There is a library of over 1000 exercises with videos for you to check your from.

$99 set up fee

$250 monthly Programs

Our program may include books to read, exercises to follow and spiritual journeys too!  All programs include 1 personal training session a week and are an 8 week commitment.  Choose from

The Kingdom Method 


Beginners workout coming soon

The Obesity Code coming soon

Couples workout coming soon

Sport Specific  12 week Triathlon program

includes the $99 set up and initial visit fee

Booking your appt.

You can  download our app.  to book, reschedule, or schedule a new appt.  Its easy to see your history and upcoming appts.!

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